2019 Build Season Week 3 Update

Week 3 has come and gone, so here is your Week 3 update. This week, we have suffered several setbacks, but we have trudged through them and have made good progress. At the start of the week, we had a plan laid out for the building of our chassis and some beginning mech building. Now, we have the frame of the robot riveted together and have the bellypan riveted to the frame. We also attached the wheels and shafts to the chassis, so it should be driving around by early next week.

The first setback we suffered this week occurred when we realized that our wheelbase was too small to support our high planned center of gravity at our elevator’s full extension. So, we cut new frame members and a new bellypan to widen our wheelbase by about 2 and a half inches.

This week, we also planned and built our electrical board, utilizing for the first time WAGO wire connectors, which make our system much easier to build and check. Also, we machined and assembled our own custom gearboxes, which we are very excited about! Finally, we also began, finished and started to redo our bumper building. The redesigns were made necessary by all of our robot changes this week. The second redesign occurred when we realized that our robot’s perimeter was too large by about 1 and a half inches. This was perhaps the most unfortunate, as it cost us most of a day to fix.

Don’t start thinking that everything is done, though. We are still prototyping our hatch panel mech, and our programmers are working hard on getting vision code running on our robot, which will automatically align us with our target, enabling us to score quicker. Also, this is our first year using Clekos, little fasteners that help speed up our assembly processes.

The thing we are the most excited for, however, is to get our chassis driving. After an 8-hour workday on Saturday, we will most likely have it driving by Wednesday, so stay tuned! Below is a video of us testing the meshing of our custom gearbox.

Everyone is excited about our new gearboxes! This is our first year making our own, and we are very happy with how they turned out.

Next week will be a busy one, as we finalize our chassis and transition into mechanism building, such as our intake, elevator, and shooter. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for photos and to the website for exclusive video!

Most importantly, we are all having lots of fun! It is going to be another exciting 3 weeks.