2019 Build Season Week 4 Update

Week 4 has flown by, so here is your Week 4 update. We started out the week with a riveted chassis, and now we have a robot with gearboxes attached that has moved, with most of our mechs CADded and with assembly begun.

This week, our 3D printers have been busy! Spacers from suppliers can get expensive, so we save lots of money 3D printing our own spacers and custom parts. Our programmers are determined to get our vision code developed to where we can score using the vision targets on the field. Also, we have a new pneumatic riveter, which makes assembly so much easier!

We were concerned about the strength of our sheet metal belly pan with our heavy lift being bolted right to it, so we bent up a custom strengthening pan that looks something like the bottom of an aluminum boat. Also, we milled out lots of parts for our front elevator, so assembly on that has begun.

Look at our beautiful bot! (fullscreen is recommended)

Our 2019 buttons are designed, and they are oh-so-slick! We will be handing these out (in CopperBots tradition) at our competitions this year. Also, our robot assembly continues to be strong. Post a comment on our Facebook page guessing what the name is if you don’t know already. (Hint: in an 11-year CopperBots tradition, it is named after a minor Simpsons character).