CAD/3D Printing

Our team has a huge variety of resources in this field, again thanks to Calumet High School. Our CAD/3D Printing Resources include:

An Army of 3D Printers:

The school has about 5 FlashForge printers that we can print parts using the cheaper and weaker PLA filament, or the more robust ABS filament. In addition, our team has 2 personal printers in our room that we use when we need something printed immediately.

CAD: Fusion 360 and Hours of Work

Our CAD Team utilizes the awesome Cloud sharing features of Autodesk Fusion 360 to develop stunning 3D CAD models of our robot and its mechanisms. We put in hours of work every week getting our CAD ready to help us develop and build our robot. We are in our first year of drawing our full robot in CAD. Below is a CAD render of our 2019 Preseason Robot, “Abu.”

Our 2019 Preseason Bot CAD Model