The CopperBots are very fortunate to have excellent machining capabilities through Calumet High School. These include:

3 Manual Lathes

We have the ability to access, almost any time we want, three good quality manual lathes in the CHS Metal Shop. They are very helpful for drilling and tapping shafting, as well as making grooves for e-clips or snap rings.

One HAAS CNC Mill and One Bridgeport Manual Mill

Our team also has nearly 24/7 access to one HAAS CNC Mill in the CHS CAD Lab. The CNC Mill makes all precision machining easier, from simply machining bearing holes to fabricating custom parts that before we never before dreamed possible. We also have had access for quite some time to one Bridgeport manual mill in the CHS Metal Shop, which is good for milling slots and holes that have a higher tolerance for error.

One HAAS CNC Lathe

Our team’s latest CNC machining tool is a HAAS CNC Lathe. We are just in our infancy in using it, but it promises to be one of the best time-savers of all. Gone are the possible errors of manual lathe work, to be replaced by a smooth CNC Lathe. We are hoping for great things when we become better experienced with this tool. Right now we mainly use it for making snap ring grooves on shafting.