Robot Showroom

Here are our past robots, from 2015-2018:

2019 Robot: Gunderson

Notable Achievements: Kingsford District Semifinalists, Engineering Inspiration Award, LSSU District Semifinalist, Competed at the Michigan State Championship

2019 Preseason Robot: Abu

Notable Achievements: First ever working Preseason robot for our team

2018 Robot: Horatio

Notable Achievements: LSSU District Finalists, Michigan State Championship (Ford Division) Champion, Michigan State Champion, Competed in the FIRST Championship

2017 Robot: Nelson

Notable Achievements: Semi-Finalist – Escanaba District Event, Semi-Finalist – LSSU District Event, Competed in the Michigan State Championship

2016 Robot: Willie

Notable Achievements: Engineering Inspiration Award – Escanaba District Event, Competed at the Michigan State Championship, Competed at the FIRST World Championship

2015 Robot: Manjula

Notable Achievements: Creativity Award Winner- Kentwood District Event, Imagery Award – Escanaba District Event, Finalist – Escanaba District Event