Support US

Why Should you Support Us?

Throughout their FIRST experience, students gain maturity, build self-confidence, learn teamwork, and gain an understanding of professionalism.

Students have fun while building a network of friends and professional mentors who enrich their lives.

Competing in FIRST is amazing. Every year in January, a new challenge is announced. Students then have 6 weeks to design and build a robot to complete the challenge. This encompasses everything from brain storming, 3d design, engineering, and fabrication. The Copperbots are a smaller team, which means that every student gets a chance to get their hands dirty and work with the rest of the team toward a common goal.

Each team needs to compete in two regional competitions to attempt to qualify for the district championship and (hopefully) the World Championship.

Attending these competitions is not cheap — teams need to pay registration fees, travel, and room and board for the team. The Copperbots welcome any support you can give. Please contact our Lead Mentor Mr. Todd Waurio to donate.